Interview with Oil Sista’s Crown Diamond Hailey Aliff

At only 26 years old co-founders of Oil Sistas Hailey & Jeremy Aliff have already achieved so much! Not only have they reached Young Living’s second highest rank of Crown Diamond, but they have helped to mold a network of business leaders and they have empowered many people to achieve goals in wellness and financial freedom.

In less than 3 years, what started off as an accidental pursuit of the business by simply sharing what they loved with family and friends has become quite an entrepreneurial achievement. With a growing network of over 16,000 people, Oil Sistas Crown Diamonds Hailey and Jeremy Aliff set new goals for helping others achieve the same kinds of success they’ve seen.

We asked Hailey and Jeremy to share a little bit about their path to Crown Diamond.

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-As young adults, how has Young Living shaped the way you sought your career?

For one, we didn’t even understand the network marketing model of business. We were like most people in that we were never taught this model of business in school. Jeremy graduated with a degree in business, and all that either of us knew about the network marketing model for business were the common misconceptions. Young Living has really shaped us and taught us that network marketing is a wonderful way to do business.

One of the greatest things about the network marketing model is that it gives us the freedom to pursue our passions and to choose how we spend our time. We get to do business by building relationships with people that we love, and watching them succeed. It truly is a wonderful model of business.

 We look back on where we were and how we have matured because of this company in the past three years. So much growth has happened its amazing. I know that we’ve grown in character, leadership and business skills, and we’ve learned things that that can take some people up to 20 years to achieve in their career. It’s been a tremendous blessing to pour our entrepreneurial spirits into such a viable business model of network marketing and with a product that we are both passionate about!
Having paid off student loans last year, Hailey & Jeremy enjoy the financial freedom of turning business trips into amazing adventures. Here they are enjoying the Galapagos Islands after going to visit Young Living’s Ecuador farm on an all expense paid trip. 

-What were some of the greatest challenges you faced as you started your business?

Growing the team actually came easy for us. While that seems to be many people’s challenge, it wasn’t for us. We weren’t purposely trying to grow a business, we were pursuing a love of oils and natural living, while pursing meaningful relationships with family and friends.
The biggest challenges that we’ve faced have been learning to manage and ride out company growth and changes. Through it all, we’ve always found that when faced with challenges outside of our control, a good attitude always helps everyone to adapt.

-What are your daily habits that make a difference in your business?

Our relationships are very important to us. We work closely with family and friends, and it’s important to keep those relationships intentional, both within the business and outside of it. We have monthly meetings in our living room. These started out with our closest family and best friends, and it continues to grow. We have kept that going ever since and we wouldn’t change it. It’s personal, intimate, and it keeps us going. Always invest time in your relationships, it’s so important.
Setting daily goals helps to keep us on track and stay motivated.  One of us is a big dreamer, and another more of a realist, so setting goals helps us to plot out the steps needed to achieve our dreams.
It’s also important to have a love of learning. Leaders should always be learning. After last year’s “Light the Fire” YL convention, we wanted to know more about the network marketing, so we dove into learning as much as we could about that. Now we are wanting to get back to learning more about the chemistry of these amazing oils. We are committed to always be learning something new, whether it is about the company, the products, leadership, or life, we never want to stop learning.
Even recently we were asked to speak at an event and we were scared. We knew we wanted to grow, and we knew we wanted to develop, so we committed to it. Our confidence in public speaking has definitely grown.
Creating vision boards with family, friends and YL leaders in our living room
 -With all that you have already accomplished, what keeps you motivated to achieve more?
There is a level of stewardship that we have over our business. Not as a money maker, but as a ministry. There are people under us that we care about and want to see succeed.
It’s important to always be thinking about how we are being a witness to people. The bigger we grow, the more of a spotlight we are in, and the more we need to be a good mentors.
We are not motivated by checks and ranks, but by seeing people we care about grow. You don’t see that in other business models. Never in other business can you influence other people’s paychecks. This is a great business model, it’s a biblical model, and on top of all of that, it’s fun! We don’t get burnt out. We love what we do!


Celebrating success with some of our Oil Sistas family


One thought on “Interview with Oil Sista’s Crown Diamond Hailey Aliff

  1. I am so proud of this precious young couple, they are such a wonderful inspiration to me and our family. They are so dedicated to helping others learn about these oils. They have introduced these awesome oils to me,love them. I hope that one day I can learn how to be successful by sharing these oils with all of my Luling family, friends and surrounding neighbors. I am so blessed to have Jeremy and Hailey as my nephew and niece, Praise God for this young couple who love the Lord and share their faith with all others. I am so happy for their success, they work diligently for what they have accomplished with Young’s Living Oils! love you both Aunt Delores

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