“Share Your Story” CONTEST!


Calling ALL BROTHAS/SISTAS! Who wants to take part in our 7 week SHARE YOUR STORY challenge? With chances to win some pretty cool prizes!!! THE CHALLENGE BEGINS TODAY!

Everyone has a story to tell.

It’s time to become a storyteller. As we know, Young Living is a company that represents Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance. Three amazing pillars that we get to be a part of. Our lives have all intersected with these three pillars in some way. We have testimonies to share, and stories to tell about how YL has impacted our life. What’s your story? How has YL impacted your life? What is your YL testimony? Each of us have a story of Wellness. We have a story of Purpose. We have a story of Abundance. Your story can be told in many different ways. It can be told in broken up segments. Through individual testimonies about oils and products, or even YL experiences, friendships, events. Each of us remembers the day we were forever impacted by Young Living. And impacted again. And again. Tell those stories. Your story will have many parts to it. Many stories within the story. It’s not a story to be told all at once, but over 7 weeks you will have told a very cool story of Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance. Your story can be told in a few sentences, a paragraph, or even a few paragraphs. Always include a picture.

TIPS & GUIDELINES: Here are some ideas to get you started….

-Maybe you have a testimony about the very first oil that changed your life. Share that!
-Maybe you love how the oils in general have changed your life. Are you a healthier, more purposeful individual? Share that!
-Maybe you love that you have a pure, toxin-free, side effect-free products in your home that are super effective and efficient for everything you use it for. Share about those products. One at a time or a few at a time. Share that!
-Maybe you love that YL has oil-infused, high quality supplements and you have become so much healthier because of them. Share that! Maybe you can’t imagine your life without Ningxia. Share that!
-Maybe you love that YL’s skincare has improved your skin, your sleep, and you smell like roses all the time. Share that!
-Maybe you like that when you clean your home with a Thieves, not only can your kids lick the floor safely but now your whole house smells like Christmas. Share that!

-Maybe you love the heart of the company, that it’s a purpose driven company and not a product driven company. Share that!
-Maybe you love the YL Foundation. Share that!
-Maybe you just hosted or attending a Sole Hope Shoe cutting party because of the YL partnership. Share that!
-Maybe you love Gary and Mary’s hearts. Share that!
-Maybe you love Seed To Seal and that this company is set apart in everyway! Share that!
-Maybe you love that you are a part of a community of like-minded individuals within this Oil Sistas Family. Share that!

-Maybe you love that sharing essential oils with others (which comes so darn natural!), is also one of the main sources of your income. Share that!
-Maybe you love that Young Living has given you abundant health. Share that!
-Maybe you love that Young Living has given you time and financial freedom. Share that!

If you love it… SHARE it! 


WHO wants to win an AROMA DOME & DELUX DIFFUSER SET?!? And weekly drawings for FREE oils and products?

**CONTEST TIPS** (+ Contest runs for 7 weeks)
WEEK 1: November 13-19
WEEK 2: November 20-26
WEEK 3: November 27-Dec 3
WEEK 4: December 4-10
WEEK 5: December 11-17
WEEK 6: December 18-24
WEEK 7: December 25-31

+ Minimum 1 post a week for 7 weeks
+ The more images/posts you do, the higher your chances at winning.
+ The “prettier” your pic, the better you will tell your story. Pretty images drawn people in.
+ Make sure your pics tell the story (as well as your post)
+ To make your pics pretty, download he free mobile app called “Pic, Tap, Go”
+ Don’t forget to use the hashtag! #ilovethisoilsistalife (this hashtag is how we will track posts, so you can win)

I cannot wait to read your stories as we all work together to share the good news of Young Living!

Good luck SISTAS!


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