Hi my name is Jessica, founder of OIL SISTAS SERVE. After years of writing a blog on health and wellness and working and serving in Uganda, East Africa, I was able to merge both of my passions into one, and that’s really where this story all began.

Watch this short video to learn more:

Oil Sistas Serve from OIL SISTAS on Vimeo.

More of the back story: In 2012, I went on my first trip to Uganda, East Africa. That trip radically changed my life. It eventually led to the adoption of our 5th child, and I have now traveled to this country 12 times in the last 7 years. During this time of leading service trips to Uganda, an accidental business was born through a network marketing company called Young Living. Already passionate about health and wellness, I started sharing my love for essential oils. That love for sharing about essential oils merged with my love for Uganda and I started bringing oils to Uganda on the service trips I was leading.

This got the attention of the Young Living Foundation, the Purpose pillar of the company. The Young Living Foundation is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities. The Purpose pillar of the company captured my heart and I knew this was a company I wanted to be apart of.  I eventually merged my service trips to Uganda with the Young Living Foundation and worked closely with former Foundation Director Nikki Davis for 3 years. During this time, 3 partnerships in Uganda were born within the Young Living Foundation.

Essential Edge.png
In 2015, I was honored to receive the Spirit of The Foundation Award. It was during my time working closely with The Young Living Foundation, that I was able to truly understand my purpose and my why. And I was inspired more than ever to truly use my gifts and talents, along with the time and financial freedom that Young Living had afforded me, to give back more. As a mom of 5 young kids, I was empowered that I could still make a difference in my own small way, and OIL SISTAS SERVE was created as a 501c3 non profit.


Today, OIL SISTAS SERVE is leading service trips to Uganda twice a year and is working closely with 8 different partnerships & projects. Locally, we provide food drives during Thanksgiving, Adopt A Family during Christmas, and local disaster relief during floods and hurricanes. We host events to share about our partnerships and projects in an effort to raise awareness and funds.

Watch this short video to learn about our newest partnership with Pure & Faultless! A new chicken coop to help the girls become sustainable!


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