Hannah Grace Miranda

Hannah Head ShotI’m Hannah, the youngest of the four biological sisters.  I am married to my best friend and college sweetheart Trevor!  I just delivered our first baby boy, Bodi Laurence, born at home November 3, 2015!

I was born in a small beach town called Ventura, California.  My mom had me when she was forty years old, so I got the more relaxed version of my parents, as my oldest sister likes to put it. Even though my parents had integrated into mainstream society from their days of youth as wonderful hippies, they still instilled in me their holistic and health conscious values. I grew up with the notion that eating seaweed for dessert was completely normal.  I was taught that tea with honey can cure any sickness I faced, and that having your baby at home was what everyone did.

Miranda family vacations consisted of trips to national parks nearby, so I have a great love for the outdoors. I love hiking, camping, kayaking, and road trips.  Apart from the outdoors, I have a deep desire to help women and children.  I became aware of my aspiration to be a midwife when I was six years old.  My older sister had her first baby at home, and I watched the whole birth and loved it.  From then on, I have had a passion for midwifery, especially the impact it can leave on women and their families. I have big dreams for opening up a birth center where women can come and let the focus be on them and their baby.

My first encounter with essential oils was in high school.  I used to get headaches from perfume so my mom told me to wear essential oils because they not only smell great, but they have amazing properties as well.  The very first essential oil I bought was Bergamot.  It wasn’t until my older sister Harmony started researching essential oils that we came across Young Living. It was visiting her in Norway that I first used a true therapeutic grade essential oil, and I’ve been using Young Living Oils since.

We are definitely glad to be a part of the Young Living family, as we’ve used the products for many years! Throughout my pregnancy the supplements, oils and healthy cleaning line  transformed our home and brought me comfort and peace of mind in knowing I was using the highest quality products. Now I even enjoy a supplemental income as a new mom!
Hannah Miranda

Young Living Silver


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