Danielle Keen


Never in my life did I think that this medicine minded mama would start treating my family holistically. After years of working in the Emergency Department of my local hospital, I was beyond frustrated with what managed healthcare offered me and while we had the best doctors and I was a great patient advocate, we were tired of being sick. I began my journey to find better ways to support our body and maintain a level of wellness we could sustain. What started with research to help my family alone, began a journey of helping others to find their own wellness path. I was on a mission to find a better way to build our immune systems and confidently know we could go places without picking up every bug we encountered.

Over five years ago, our military family moved from the West Coast to the Deep South. We made the choice that I would leave my career in the ER behind to stay home with our children. I had all kinds of time on my hands to research and make changes. We made over our food pantry and saw dramatic improvement in our family’s health. All this lead to making equally as big changes in our home, evaluating the need for the toxins that once took up residence in my cupboards. These last few years with the help of my Oil Sistas and Young Living family, we’ve completely transformed our lives and the lives of many we love. Grocery store trips are dramatically different, I have most everything I need to care for my family and keep my house toxin fee right here in my home. We rejoice with our healthcare providers over the wellness our family has maintained. While I will always have a passion for modern medicine, God has given me a new view on what true healing really is and how we can come to find it. I have found a great level of comfort in blending both allopathic medicine, which I am equally as thankful for, and the gifts God has given us in His plant based healing oils. On top of all that, I’ve gained an amazing group of friends who truly are like sisters, which just might be the biggest blessing of all! I’m blessed to share this journey with all of them and see our vision reach our family and friends, near and far!

Danielle Keen 

Young Living Platinum


2 thoughts on “Danielle Keen

  1. Congratulations on the new site! I’m thrilled you took this path and now you’re bringing me along with you. xo

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