Hailey Miranda Aliff


Hey! My name is Hailey Joy, and I am number three of the four biological sisters. I am first and foremost in love with my Creator, my King Jesus. And secondly, I am in love with my husband Jeremy. Without him, this journey of discovering health through oils would not be where it is today. I was raised by two Louisiana hippies in a sunny Southern California town. My sisters and I were raised in what I call a very “holistic-minded” home.  My parents were always ahead of their time, teaching us how to cultivate health through clean-eating and healthy living. We were taught to trust in the God-given resources placed on this earth. So, naturally, when I learned about essential oils, I was very open to researching them further. Although we were raised in this type of home, we were not familiar with essential oil use beyond aromatherapy.

I first heard about YLEOs when I was living with my second oldest sister, Harmony, in Norway. She RAVED about these “magical oils” and went on and on sharing testimonies. She somehow talked me into purchasing a starter kit and as a new college grad I could barely afford it. I was just about to start midwifery school, and I was paying my way through school by attending births as a doula. I began bringing the oils with me to births and instantly saw how powerful and effective they were. I was sold. Safe for pregnancy, safe for birth, safe for newborns and kids. Who wouldn’t want this?!

I have a heart and a passion for all things natural, and there is nothing more satisfying than helping others live life to the fullest. With Young Living we have life goals of optimal wellness, purpose, and abundance. I hope you join us on this journey!
Hailey Aliff

Young Living Crown Diamond


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