Harmony Miranda Patterson


I’m Harmony, second born of the 4 biological sisters. I am daughter of the Most High King, redeemed by my Messiah.

I am beyond blessed to call myself wife to my high school sweetheart and the most amazing man on the planet, my husband Luke. I am a homeschool mom to 4 incredible kids (ages 15, 13, 10 & 8), who through their inquisitive nature end up teaching me more than I actually teach them. I was born to two totally awesome parents who taught me to love the LORD and to always question status quo. They set us all on this path to healthy living.

I am passionate about home-birth, home-school, home-cooked meals, and having a healthy home….which is quite ironic because I’m not quite sure where I call home. I was born in California, had my babies in the southern US, lived a few years in Norway and now I currently reside in Calgary, Canada. My home for a while has been somewhat of a traveling home, and with that, it is necessary to have easy and enjoyable tools for my family’s wellness…..enter Young Living!

I say that Young Living found us through a book on the chemistry of essential oils that I ordered for my daughter’s homeschool science reading. While reading this book, we realized very quickly that essential oil purity is of the utmost importance, especially considering the complex chemistry (and potential) of a properly distilled essential oil. Through finding the best essential oil company on the planet, our family has discovered the many blessings of the Young Living Lifestyle! While our family immediately became immersed in the oils and loved every minute of it, it has been over the years that we’ve continued to discover numerous wonders about being a part of the Young Living family.

Today, Young Living has become an income for the majority of our family. Our parents Peggy and Jimmy Miranda who introduced us sisters to natural living, have now achieved the rank of Platinum, and are building themselves a very comfortable retirement. We are just as passionate about sharing with you the abundance of financial freedom and the blessing that comes with being debt free!

I’d have to say in addition to all of that abundance; the natural cleaning line, supplements and body products have been some of the most surprising additions that our family enjoys about Young Living!

We’d love to welcome you to join our Young Living Family!

Harmony Patterson
Young Living Gold


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