Jessica Miranda Gianelloni


I am the oldest of the 4 biological sisters, but actually the last one jump on board with Young Living. We can all agree that I was the most stubborn and skeptical. Thanks to 3 sisters who wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing the product was, I soon learned how amazing the products were too.  I first used the oils in my starter kit during the month we spent in Uganda for our international adoption. I could not believe how many things I was able to use the oils for. I was so thankful to have YL products in a 3rd world country. After returning home, Young Living became part of our everyday life and our home was forever changed.

With 5 young children (ages 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9), I absolutely that Young Living offers safe, effective, non toxic products for our everyday living.

One of the best things about us 4 sisters using YL oils, is that our years of combined research has proven without a doubt that Young Living essential oils are the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils in the world. And the testimonies are never ending. As I share about my love of YL essential oils, the love just keeps growing. The 4 of us sisters quickly a family of OIL SISTAS.  I feel so blessed for the sisterhood we have created of people simply seeking a lifestyle of wellness. People ask me all the time, “do you sell Young Living?” My answer is NO! I just share about the amazing company!

And what an amazing company it is. What started as a decision to incorporate another aspect of wellness into your home, we have fallen in love with a company that brings Wellness, Purpose, Abundance.

Jessica Gianelloni
Young Living Diamond


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