Jordan Phipps


Hello! My name is Jordan. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA by my wonderful parents, Garry & Karla, along with a younger brother Jeremy…..who just so happens to be married to my amazing Oil Sista, Hailey Joy.

We both grew up pretty normal, and by normal I mean, we were raised in fast food eating, doctor visiting, antibiotic taking families. Our families did what everyone else did to stay well at that time with the resources that were available to them. I was always the kid who was super sensitive to any and all medications and even in my teen and college years felt frustrated that the only options I had to go to came with a list of side effects I’d have to endure. It wasn’t until a few years ago, I found my health in a very frustrating place. I just didn’t feel well and a series of health problems led me on my own health journey to start searching for other options. I started slowly  by eliminating toxins, harmful ingredients, and processed foods from my home and I started feeling better! I still longed for other options to support my overall wellness. Shortly after my brother married Hailey, she introduced us to Young Living oils. She had been an avid user and I was more than ready to try them out. They were the PERFECT fit for me and I loved having a quick, easy and side effect-free option!

As I watched the impact it was having directly in my home, with my  immediate family and with my friends, I became more and more passionate about researching so I could equip others with the same powerful resources I had come to love. I earned my Masters in Organizational Communication and although never imagined using those skills to teach others about essential oils, I love getting to apply what I’ve learned to educate and empower those around me! I’m still continuously amazed at all the ways we can use the oils, and really don’t know how I ever lived without them. It’s such a gift to know Jesus has given us this gift for our health and I hope you can be encouraged and empowered to seek wellness in your health journey through our stories!
Jordan Phipps

Young Living Gold


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